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The River of Love

Roughly 16ft long and 5ft at it's widest. Topographical epoxy river inlay. Two live edge benches. Custom steel base. Matte black powder coat. ~240hrs of work. And gorgeous.

As a "creative", I attach emotion to objects, making them horcrux's of sorts. They become encapsulated with the happenings of that time and a realness that can't be avoided. This table in particular notes a maelstrom of life crammed into a very short period of time that had deafeningly positive and negative impacts on me. Without getting too in depth with details, I'll skim the surface with saying that failed plans, loss of human/canine life and medical procedures all accompanied this beautiful building experience and subsequently left a very interesting mark on my soul.

When I investigate this mark, its troughs and valleys, its smoothness and jagged nature, its intricacies, I find that it taught me many things but foremost it taught me much of resolve. Of the human soul's resiliency and how that resiliency is most encouraged by faith and family. Never had I faced an obstacle that I felt truly left me without an option. A wave on the horizon of immense proportion that could not be outrun. It had to be charged. I could not crumble. I could not flinch.

And with all of that, I'm very proud to know that discussions and happenings of varying weights and topics will be conducted at this table. Friends sharing good stories. Family coming together through hard times. Silent contemplation watching the river go by. All of which over a silent counterpart that houses its own deep, rich story. My story.

I invite you to enjoy the following pictures that I think produce the true feeling of the table.

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